Room Additions

Need more space and even considering buying a new home?  Hold that thought.  Why not add on to your current home?  Adding more space to your home is a great way to save money while giving you the change and space that you need.  Green Remodeling can help you gain new space for your new workout room, hobby center, Nursery or spare room for company. 

Don’t stress the details!  Green Remodeling is here to make the most of your space.  We secure all the necessary zoning permits and follow all the city ordinances to ensure that your addition goes perfectly smooth.  Our designers will accesses your needs and help you find the right type of addition to fit your immediate and future needs.  We perform the electrical and plumbing services as well as the painting and décor suggestions.  We also offer garage remodeling and conversions.  Additions are a great way to add equity to your home’s overall value.  Let Green Remodeling show you the ways to make the most of your home addition.  Call us today for a free estimate.


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